Back in September, I saw a job posting titled, “Python Developer” on the Iowa State student job board. I was intrigued. I had been working on and off as a software developer for just under two years and I was ready for something different. As a student, I needed something that would allow me to pay my rent, buy my food (and beer), and something that would work with all the sporadic hours required of a student. Sodima Solutions checked all those boxes.

Since we are a small tech start-up, with every employee in school (minus our one of co-founders who was, believe it or not - traveling the world and winning hackathons) (link to his winning photo), it became immediately obvious to me how important communication was to this team. As a ENTJ (my personality type), I thrive on constant contact and interactions and it turns out, the rest of the team does as well. Our slack is full of the greatest gifs (thanks giphy), interesting tech talks, and everyone is online probably at least once a day for several hours. As a mostly remote team (Miami, Chicago, Iowa), full of ENFJs, we depend on this to succeed as a team.

One of my favorite things about working for Sodima is the culture. Brendon and Marcellus do an amazing job of setting expectations, being available for questions at all hours, and trusting developers and their work. That type of openness and availability seems to spread among the team, creating a fun productive and work environment that breeds productivity. It’s also more convenient for our clients because most of them are startups that are working hard to get ready for demos or speak at conferences. This means that our customers also demand a constant availability. For me, this is the type of environment I thrive in and “the grind” is something all of us at Sodima appreciate, respect and preach. Since I’ve always been a nerd and into computers, working with the best tech is important to me. I say “best” and not “latest” because another one of our values is to solve the problem with the best tool, not the most shiny one. Because we value this, we are able to solve real world problems, right now. As a developer, being able to push code to production daily, is a big deal. At Sodima, I’m able to do this (given the code passes its unit tests and tested in a staging environment), as often as needed.

Overall, these five months have been great. Working with like-minded people, with the “best” technology, on interesting projects, is something I know most of my friends can’t say they are doing. I’ve always held this belief that technology does its best job when you forget you're using it. This is why I strongly believe in chatbots. I believe that we will reach a point where our chatbot solutions are so intuitive to the user that it won’t feel like talking to a machine. At Sodima Solutions, we strive to build the best software solution for our customers. We believe that chatbots are the next interface that businesses will use for their client to customer interaction. We are on the ground of this revolution, taking big leaps forward in an industry that hasn’t shown its true potential yet. If you’re interested, come work with us and let’s talk about how AI/ML enhanced chatbots can help you grow your business in ways that were previously not possible.