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About Us

We develop tailored chatbot solutions for businesses that want to engage with their customers on messaging platforms. Together with our client we design the function of the bot and assess which features are vital to the success of the bot. Our service gives brands the opportunity to create unique chatbots that fit their needs and help their customers.

Why we do what we do?

Sodima Solutions was founded on the promise to deliver a new kind of customer experience that involves design thinking methodologies. We listen to our customers and we consult, to ensure smooth development.

Who are chatbots for?

Our chatbot solutions are for companies that appreciate customer support and emerging technologies. Companies are trying to find new ways to engage with customers over messaging platforms. Chatbots & messaging platforms are like websites & the internet.

What we do?

Sodima Solutions develops custom chatbot solutions for businesses. Together with clients we design the function of the chatbot, develop and deploy the software across different communication channels. Chatbots help companies to automate communication and certain other functions. We make sure that our customers have a satisfying experience when implementing chatbot technology.

Company Culture & Work

Who we work with?

We work with individuals that are eager to learn something new but don't get lost in the sauce. In a competitive and fast-paced start up environment we rely on team mates that can wear multiple hats and thrive under pressure. Timely delivery of work is crucial and having an entrepreneurial team player mentality is part of our company culture.

How we work?

Our software developers form a team of self-motivated team players that are leading a change in the chatbot industry. We value open communication, accountability, and the process of building something useful that helps our customers.
Very important: Good vibes when working & stay caffinated!


Our company culture is young, vibrant and fast-paced. At Sodima Solutions we pride ourselves with a proactive problem solving approach and open communication between the team members and our customers. We love what we do, so there's always a reasonable amount of "fun" involved.


The Sodima Solutions team works on projects that help businesses reposition themselves in an ever changing tech environment. Introducing businesses to chat based platforms and showing them how to trade their goods & services over a new kind of interface, is not an easy task! Together we envision a future in which commerce and customer support will happen over messaging apps of different kinds.
Would you agree that consumers want to be able to contact a company just like they contact a friend?

About Our Team

Team Member

Brendon Geils

Co-Founder, CTO

With his passion for artificial intelligence and back-end design, Brendon is spearheading the development of our chatbots.

Team Member

Marcellus Gaag

Co-Founder, CEO

With an outside of the box approach for marketing and chatbot solutions, Marcellus builds Sodima Solutions' brand and manages operations.

Team Member

Brian Imperial Baso

Bot UX

With his expertise in usability design and front end development, Brian Baso is eager to make chatbots ready for the end user.

Team Member

Brian Espinosa

Bot UI

With a strong front-end experience, Brian Espinosa is driven to rethink the status quo of the chatbot user interface.

Team Member

Jed Meier

Project Success

With a strong passion for chatbots, software development and project leadership, Jed is determined to ensure the success of Sodima Solutions' customers.